Introduction about the glue-MDF line

Introduction about urea-formaldehyde glue for MDF panels
Raw materials for urea-formaldehyde glue:
  1. Formaldehyde   solid
  2. Urea   powder
  3. Polyvinyl alcohol   powder
  4. Caustic soda    powder
  5. Odor absorber    powder
All the raw materials for the glue you need to import from China, that’s available. The Formaldehyde in China is about $ 650/ton
Equipment needed:
Two reactors ( made of enarnel ) which capacity should be 5 tons, about $4700 for one. And many kinds of valves. The whole set of equipment for glue needs about 12,500 USD.
We have a customer, he produce 3000 pieces of boards per day, need 10  tons of glue, about 2400 USD.
If your capacity is 30000cubic/year, your boards’ thickness is 18mm,
You need to produce 130cubic/day, about 2426 pieces. That needs about 8 tons of glue about 2100 usd/day.
Of course, if you import from China, the price will be a little higher.
Glue-making technique:
You can come to China for a dozen days, our technical person will teach you how to make. Then after you have bought the equipment for glue-making, our technical person ( one) can come to your country to help you install and teach you how to make. If so, the cost is about 25 thousand USD. A skilled glue making worker is few, even in Linyi, so they cost much.  All the MDF factories must learn to make glue by themselves, that mostly decide the quality of your products.

The data just for your reference, more details depend on the market.

The investment for MDF panels is big, need about 2.4 million, please for your reference.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to do for you.