MDF production line process

1.Production of wood chips
rotor debarker with variable speed
drum chippers
silos and bins with different discharge systems
2.Energy plants
water evaporation capacities from 5 to over 60 t/h
drying capacities of 5 to more than 60 t/h bone dry material
single-stage or 2-stage fiber flash tube dryers
flash tube diameters ranging from 800 to over 3,000 mm
direct heating by means of modern burning chambers and single or multi-fuel burners for gas and oil, as well as flue gases or turbine exhaust gases
indirect heating by means of heat exchangers for steam, hot water or thermal oil
4.Industrial grade fans
pressures of over 20,000 Pa
temperatures up to 800 °C
impeller diameter up to 2,800 mm
circumferential speeds up to 220 m/s
different materials and material combinations
ATEX-compliant design
gas-tight and pressure-proof designs up to 10 bar
5.Resin blending systems
dosing systems for different volumes and components
flow meter allows continuous measurement method controlled by a continuous level metering of the dosing bins
dosing bins for each component equipped with pressure-sensitive level control system
innovative software
pressure equalizer with automatic shutoff
6.Forming and press lines
7.Mat forming machines for MDF production
8.Saw assemblies for trimming and cross-cutting
9.Cooling and stacking lines
10.Sanding lines
11.Cut-to-size technology
12.Packing technology